Street Talk – Derby Street, Mowbray

October 15, 2020 | MowbrayStreet & Suburb HistoryStreet Talk

Is probably named after Edward Geoffrey Smith Stanley, 14th Earl of Derby (1798-1869) who was a distinguished English statesman.

In 1833 he became Colonial Secretary, with administrative responsibility for the emerging Australian colonies. Unusually, in 1844 he was called to the House of Lords in one of his father’s lesser titles – such was the regard of his fellow countrymen and served in the Peel Government.

In 1851 he succeeded his father as Earl of Derby and early the next year became Prime Minister for the first time. His administrations were, in the manner of the day, short-lived but he was called twice more, in 1858 and 1866, before retiring in favour of Disraeli.

He was highly regarded throughout Europe and in 1863 was offered the Crown of Greece; his famous refusal being “Don’t they know I am Earl of Derby?”

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