Street Talk – Crawford Street, Mowbray

November 13, 2020 | MowbrayStreet & Suburb HistoryStreet Talk

Named in honour of Frederick Charles Crawford who was the Launceston City Treasurer from 1918, following Sir Claude James.

The position of Treasurer was combined with that of Town Clerk in 1924 and Mr Crawford continued in this joint role until he retired in 1949 after 31 years of service to the city, having ably guided numerous Aldermen and Mayors through treacherous civic waters during his career.

He saw the size of the city double while he held office. Born in Melbourne, he was a keen cricketer, footballer and later bowls player and was active in the civic and church life.

His son is the Hon. Sir George Crawford, well known and respected as a judge, soldier, historian and author.

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