Street Talk – Pershing Street, Mowbray

May 13, 2020 | MowbrayStreet & Suburb HistoryStreet Talk

Pershing Street was named after General John Joseph Pershing (1860-1948)

… who was a distinguished American career soldier. He was a school teacher before entering the Army. Early in his career as cavalry officer he saw service against the Apaches in Arizona and in charge of the Indian Scouts in Dakota during an uprising of the Sioux.

Pershing served in the Japanese Army during the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-05 and in Mexico during the Great War. In 1917 he became Commander-in-Chief of the American troops in France and was Chief of Staff of the US Army 1921-24.

In recognition of his services, Congress recreated the rank of General of the Army, held before only by George Washington, and as such Pershing outranked the four other Generals of the American Army in World War 11.



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