Street Talk – Lindsay Street, Invermay

June 7, 2019 | InvermayStreet & Suburb HistoryStreet Talk

It is not clear whose name this street honours.

In the Launceston Examiner of 26 February 1876 a man named James Lindsay is described as ‘one of the influential residents of Launceston’ and so must be a possible and even likely contender for the name’s origins. It may also just possibly be named after Lindsay Tulloch (son of Captain James Tulloch), a prominent citizen at the time Invermay started to develop.

Lindsay Tulloch was a wool and grain merchant, and was one of the principal people involved in the development of the Mount Bischoff Tin Mining Company and other mining ventures at Zeehan, Dundas, Rosebery and Beaconsfield. He was a director of the Mount Lyell Company.

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