Birdwood Street, Mowbray

April 11, 2018 | MowbrayStreet & Suburb History

Sir William Birdwood

Birdwood Street is named after Sir William Birdwood who was in command of the ANZAC forces from 1914 almost until the end of the war.

In May 1918 he was given command of the Fifth Army and succeeded by Monash. Known to the troops as Birdy, he is known to have not been on good terms with Haig.

He was born in Bombay, had served in the Indian Army and was a protégé of Kitchener. He was not in command at Gallipoli, but has had some queries raised since about his abilities and has been blamed for ANZAC defeats in 1916-17. There have also been accusations that his affection for the ANZAC troops was a put on, and that he feared their democratic nature.


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