Street Talk – Allenby Street, Mowbray

May 5, 2020 | MowbrayStreet & Suburb HistoryStreet Talk

Allenby Street was named after Sir Edmund Allenby (1861-1936) who started as Commander of the British Cavalry of the British Expeditionary Force, but moved to command the Third British Army.

In 1916 he was sent to command the Allied Troops in the Middle East where he fought against the Turks. He successfully commanded the Cavalry Corps, the 5th Army Corps and the Egyptian Expenditionary Force. Nicknamed “The Bull” he was an impressive and vital leader in Palestine and took Jerusalem and Damascus from the Turks.

After being decorated numerous times, Allenby was created a Viscount. He served as British High Commissioner in Egypt 1919-1925 with the Arabic title “Mandub es Sami” (Very High Delegate). After retiring from the Army as a Field Marshal, Allenby was Captain of Deal Castle and Lord Rector of Edinburgh University.



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