Selling Tips – Part 2 of 4

July 27, 2019 | Local Stories

Looking at selling? These tips might just come in handy!

Don’t forget outside
If you have an outdoor area that needs a bit of love, it could be worth spending a bit of time on some gardening or getting your deck polished. Planting some flowers can be a cost effective strategy to add some colour to a property.

Neutral colour scheme
I’ve probably seen every colour feature wall that was ever painted. Although you may like a certain colour scheme while you’re living in a property, it’s important to make your property appeal to as many potential buyers as possible and that may require adopting a more neutral colour scheme throughout.

Upgrade your door handles
Replacing the door handles on both interior and exterior doors as well as any cupboards throughout your home can make a big difference for a relatively low price.

Make each room look its best
If you’ve seen “The Block”, you would have noticed that they focus on one room at a time for their challenges. This is how you should approach preparing your home for sale. Focus on each room, making it look its very best and as spacious as possible. Aim to leave a lot of open space and remove any unnecessary furniture.

Consistent colour scheme throughout
From your walls to your furniture and furnishings, try to keep the colour scheme flowing throughout the property. Keeping the colour scheme consistent will make it easier for potential buyers to imagine themselves moving into your property.


Richard Bailey - Property Representative

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