Selling Tips – Part 1 of 4

July 26, 2019 | Local Stories

Preparing to sell? Here’s 5 handy selling tips that might be useful!

Remove the clutter
It’s only when you move house that you realise how much “stuff” you have. The first step in preparing your house for sale should be to go through each room and remove everything you don’t need. Not only will this help make your property look neater and the rooms bigger but it will also make packing easier.

Patch and paint the walls
It’s amazing how much a paint job can improve the look of your property both in your eyes and also for potential buyers. Depending on your budget, you should start off by marking which walls have cracks and major scuffs which require urgent attention and then any other walls you think could do with a freshen up. This is also a good chance to paint any feature walls a more neutral colour. Also consider any windows, doors or parts of the outside of the house that require attention.

Give the property a heavy duty clean
Before any potential buyers come through your property, you will need to give your property a good clean from top to bottom. Keep an eye out for dirty vents, sneaky cobwebs and anything else that could make potential buyers think the property wasn’t well maintained.

Steam clean or replace carpets
If you have badly stained carpets, I recommend to have them cleaned or if heavily stained then replaced.

Maintenance and repairs
We hear lots of comments being mumbled under people’s breath at open for inspections, sometimes to each other, sometimes in front of other potential buyers. Usually the comments are about the smallest things – cracked power points, broken heating ducts, loose door handles etc. As you’re going through each of the rooms, make a list of all these little things and have your agent recommend a good handyman to come and fix them up – or replace them yourself if you’re handy.

Richard Bailey - Property Representative

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